Services PageCorporate Events: Pam provides an elegant, up-scale table décor and personal presentation for mini-readings at events. Watch your guests enjoy their readings as Pam puts stickers on the cards to remind each person of what she told them. Guests then share their Kiss Cards with others at the party until even those who haven’t had a reading have experienced what Lip Print Reading is about! Kiss Cards are customized to the event with company or event logo and color scheme or theme. Pam has an assistant at large events to assure that guests are well cared for.


The Lip Chicks Speed Reading Team: Please meet The Lip Chicks, a team of up to 5 professional certified Lip Print Readers.  The Lip Chicks Team can read the lip prints of up to 100 guests an hour at large events. They have been trained to do affirmative, inspiring and entertaining readings in under 3 minutes. They are the perfect eye-catching attraction for any large group event looking for something unique.Lip Print Reading is a form of physiognomy (fizz-ee-AWN-oh-mee), which is any method by which we look at the outer person to understand the inner person, and a part of the person to understand the whole person. Hand reading, face reading and toe reading are also forms of physiognomy. We can observe some indicators in lips by looking at them, but the best approach is to make a lip print, as most of the indicators can only be seen this way. This is why we call it lip print reading and not lip reading.When you think about it, we are all amateur physiognomists. Humans have been reading each other’s body language and facial expressions for as long as humankind has existed. Whether it comes from curiosity, from caring about another or as a means of survival, we look for clues to a person’s intention, mental and emotional state, and health by looking at them. Physiognomy is simply a more specialized way of observing the messages we are all transmitting to the world around us through our expressions and movement.

Keynote Speaker: Pam brings humor and insight to her Power Point Presentation about Lip Print Reading. The talk includes a brief history of Lip Print Reading, an explanation of what can be seen in a lip print, and the discussion of common indicators found in lip prints. 30 minutes to one hour.

Guests will make their own Kiss Cards and follow along with the discussion.

With advanced notice, the presentation can be customized to include the lip prints of one or two of the attendees of the presentation.

Private events: Birthday parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, cocktail parties, really any kind of party. Men love this too! Table décor will be customized for the event as will the Kiss Cards, providing guests with a keep-sake of the event.

Private readings: Book a 30, 60 or 90 minutes with Pam for an in-depth look at the indicators in your prints. You will leave feeling inspired, affirmed and empowered. Readings can be done in person at a convenient location or over the phone.

Spousal Events: From one hour to 2 hours, this workshop will entertain a crowd with a Power Point presentation about Lip Print Reading and hands-on reviews of individual Kiss Cards.