After you have enrolled and accepted the Terms of Agreement, click on  “My Courses” on the “Student Navigation” drop down menu, and then on the course you have purchased. When you are ready to begin, click on the first module..

If you decide to take the LipStory Gold Course, you will receive 8 video lessons. 

The first 4 video lessons focus on the personality indicators in lip prints. The next 3 video lessons teach how to read the energetic indicators in lip prints. The 8th lesson in the Gold Course discusses how to begin your career as a professional Lip Print Reader.

With the video for each lesson, you will also receive a downloadable workbook. The workbook is a study tool. It is an outline of the lesson. It is recommended that you download and print it, which allows you to take notes as you watch the video, and gives you a handy reference book for later.

After viewing each video, please complete the Review at the end of the lesson before moving to the next lesson. Gold Course students will have a consultation with their instructor after each lesson, before moving on to the next one. Call 602-999-6773 to make an appointment.

Gold Course Students: There will be a skill testing quiz after the 4th and the 8th modules.

Our goal is to support you in fully mastering your command of Lip Print Reading. Once you have successfully completed the final skill testing quiz, you will be listed on  as a Certified “LipStory Endorsed” Lip Print Reader.

Take the course at your own pace. Contact Pam at if you have questions.

Congratulations on your decision to learn the power and wisdom of Lip Print Reading!