What is Lip Print Reading?

About pageLip Print Reading is a form of physiognomy (fizz-ee-AWN-oh-mee), which is any method by which we look at the outer person to understand the inner person, and a part of the person to understand the whole person. Hand reading, face reading and toe reading are also forms of physiognomy. We can observe some indicators in lips by looking at them, but the best approach is to make a lip print, as most of the indicators can only be seen this way. This is why we call it lip print reading and not lip reading.

When you think about it, we are all amateur physiognomists. Humans have been reading each other’s body language and facial expressions for as long as human-kind has existed. Whether it comes from curiosity, from caring about another or as a means of survival, we look for clues to a person’s intention, mental and emotional state, and health by looking at them. Physiognomy is simply a more specialized way of observing the messages we are all transmitting to the world around us through our expressions and movement.

Just as we have facial expressions that can be understood in all of their nuanced ways, there are micro-expressions on the surface of our lips which can be recorded (in a print) and understood. These expressions flow and morph like clouds moving across the sky on a windy day, changing minute by minute as our thoughts and emotions play across our minds and lips. Muscle tension and blood flow combine to create a changing topography of patterns that can be captured in a lip print and examined. These patterns or indicators create the universal language of lips. What is fascinating is that they always mean the same thing from one person’s lip print to the next. What we find in these patterns are clues about our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and creative states of being in any given moment. We also find information about the personality, talents, skills, abilities and idiosyncrasies of the owner of the lips.

Why Lip Print Reading?

So how is this useful? What’s the point?

When we look at a lip print, we are looking at a snapshot of the energetic state of that person in the moment that the print was made. We can affirm the talents and power of the person. We can see which energetic patterns are serving the person and which may be depleting him or her. If we are sending our energy in non-productive directions, our lip prints will remind us that here is a place where we can refine ourselves. When we know exactly where our energy is going, we can stalk it and recapture it, and reincorporate it into our luminosity, furthering our ability to “show up” for our life’s purpose!

Ultimately, our lip prints give us access to greater awareness, gratitude and presence. As we listen to and learn from the messages of our lip prints, we move toward becoming the fullest expression of ourselves, stepping into grace, compassion and peace.

About Lipsology

In 1981 a Seattle-based woman named Jilly Eddy began collecting lip prints as a hobby. By 1990, she had a large collection, and she began to wonder if there were meanings in any of the lines, shapes, color tones or features of all of these lip prints. She began to separate her collection by categories, such as size, shape and fullness, coming up with 25 different categories. Then she applied what she knew about the owners of the lip prints, and interviewed people to discern what all of the subjects who shared an indicator might have in common. Her familiarity with palm reading, face reading and hand writing analysis gave her some clues. Over time she developed an accurate way to interpret the indicators in lip prints, and today she is considered the human “Rosetta Stone” of lip print reading.

She called what she had discovered Lipsology. Only someone trained and certified by Jilly Eddy or by one of her trainers is a true Lipsologist. Pam is one of her first students.

About Pam – Certified Lipsologist

Pam Fox has been reading lip prints professionally since 2008, when she met and began learning from Jilly Eddy, the “Mother of Lipsology”. In addition to the fundamentals of Lipsology that Jilly so generously shared with her, Pam brings a lifetime of spiritual inquiry to her understanding of the messages and guidance in our lip prints.

Says Pam, “Because the science of lip print reading is sparsely explored territory, my inquiry has been solidly based on the lineage of interpretation that I learned from Jilly Eddy, seasoned with a distillation of my spiritual influences and intuition, and blended with the feedback that I have received from my clients.

I bring my personal understanding of Truth to my study of lip prints, and into the essence of each reading. An intuitive reader can find heart-to-heart connection with the person being read and stay true to the messages in the lip prints without violating the convictions of anyone involved.”

As one of six Certified Lipsologists in the world, Pam has continued to learn about the wisdom of our lip prints, and has added to the accumulated understanding of Lipsology with her own discoveries. A lip print reading with Pam will leave one feeling validated, uplifted, and affirmed. Additionally, a reading will point to the places where one can continue to grow and evolve. Pam considers our lips a portal to transformation.

Pam has appeared in Phoenix, AZ, on the ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX TV stations and on the Travel Channel’s Bazaar Foods with Andrew Zimmern. She is currently appearing at events around the country for a major cosmetic company.

Pam is available for corporate and private events and works frequently at large events at the finest resorts and convention centers in the Phoenix area. She is listed on the menu of services for private readings at a number of luxury spas in Paradise Valley and Scottsdale. She also does private readings out of her home and by phone. She is a vibrant and entertaining keynote speaker on the subject of Lip Print Reading. To inquire about booking Pam, click here.

Lip Print Reading can be an enormously satisfying career choice. For information on how to become a Lip Print Reader, click here.

Pam’s first book, What’s Your LipStory – An Illustrated Guide to Understanding the Messages in Your Lip Prints, is now available on Amazon.com. For books and products inspired by Lip Print Reading, click here.